Football Tournament at Sout East

It’s good to be back!

I went to this football thing last saturday and took about 1000 photos. It was a pretty long day! Make sure you leave comments!

by the way, there’s really only 140 pictures.. it copied them for some reason and it would take 10 years 11 months to delete them.

Wedding of Tom and Melanie Schultz

Tom and Melanie got married back in July. Click any picture to see it larger!

Fishing for Souls

I will be putting these on very soon.

Camp Meeting 2011

Here are the long awaited photos from camp meeting!

Niagara Falls Air Show 2011

Ahh, its good to be back!  I’ve been pretty busy lately.


This is the air show that i went to with some friends.

Some photos from a week ago

My trip to Sempronius (its in New York)

Well, this was fun! I went with Mom, Dad, and Gracie to Sempronius, NY to visit some really cool people(the Grimes). Among other things, we went to Skaneateles (I had to google that to spell it) and looked at some boats and shtuff like that.

I’m tired, therefore I shall go to bed.